A Letter to My Kids

It’s summer and things are so much different from most of us planned they would be. Vacations have been postponed, camps cancelled, and parks shutdown.

This week, Jessi shares a letter written to her kids about her feelings, thoughts, and hopes for her children this summer. 

A Summertime Letter to my Kids

Dear Kids,

There are so many things I wished for you this summer, so many things I was looking forward to. 

I wanted to make our summer bucket list and start ticking off the boxes. 

I wished to spend weeks on end in the homes of relatives far away and to open our home to our favorite out-of-town guests. 

I dreamed of traveling to new parts of the world and all the adventures we’d have. 

I wanted you to feel the excitement and freedom of camp and the enrichment and growth of the art classes you’ve been begging for. 

I longed for lazy days at parks and water fountains with friends, nights full of sleepovers and camping trips, farmers markets, going to parades, and beach days.

Summer does not look like we planned for and at the same time, I see new adventures, new memories, and maybe even some new traditions. 

Yes, you feel bored but maybe boredom’s not such a bad thing? Maybe boredom is fueling a new kind of summer. A summer full of new adventures in the kitchen together, quiet moments to visit new worlds in a book, and exploring new trails closer to home. 

Life feels simpler. We are doing things that we’ve always talked about doing but never found the time, like paddleboarding and watching our garden grow from small seeds to food we can enjoy. I’m already dreaming of juicy tomatoes, lush raspberries, and crunchy peas. 

Our world has become smaller and at the same time deeper. The connection with friends around our fire pit is full of laughter and deep conversation. The simple pleasure of a sprinkler under a trampoline and water balloons galore fill me with laughter.  Late night bike rides to the creek are memories I will treasure.

This is not the summer I would have chosen for us. It’s different but maybe different is neither bad nor good but just different. I’m grieving the things that we are missing and experiencing joy as I learn to lay down my expectations and see the small and big gifts in this different summer. 


Your Mama

Jessi Sigander

Dr. Jessi Sigander, Phd.

Dr. Jessi Sigander is native to the Northwest and loves reading, traveling, and learning. Jessi is the founder and creator of Brain Break Through Therapy, a holistic approach based in N.O.T. to address anxiety, trauma, and dyslexia in the body. Jessi’s background is in education with BA in education, Masters in Curriculum and Instruction, and a PhD in Educational Leadership. ACT Parenting Community is a program of The Brain Breakthrough. 

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