Welcome! We look forward to connecting with you! If there is one thing we have learned as parents, we need our people!

That’s how we met. When our oldest kids were just a year old, we both started going to a local Mom’s Group. Hungry for connection with other mothers, these weekly gatherings quickly became a safe place for us to celebrate our parenting highs and get support for our parenting lows. As our kids have grown, our need for our community has not changed! We still need each other! 

Along the way, we both quickly realized that most other parents are longing for the same connection and support. Both in our professional and personal lives, we hear parents telling us they have struggle to find their community. But it’s more than just connection, parents also want to have the knowledge and tools to parent our kids well.

Our professional journey’s have uniquely equipped us with knowledge, and we want to share that knowledge with you. 


               Jessi Sigander



Dr. Jessi Sigander, Phd.

Dr. Jessi Sigander is native to the Northwest and loves reading, traveling, and learning. Jessi is the founder and creator of Brain Break Through Therapy, a holistic approach based in N.O.T. to address anxiety, trauma, and dyslexia in the body. Jessi’s background is in education with BA in education, Masters in Curriculum and Instruction, and a PhD in Educational Leadership. ACT Parenting Community is a program of The Brain Breakthrough.  


Hannah Benedict, M.A., Parent Coach

Hannah Benedict is a northwest native as well and loves anything that gets her outside, baking, and reading. Through her counseling practice, Hannah partners with people to give them practical solutions for intentional living. She has a master’s degree in counseling, specializing in children and adolescents, a B.S. in Human Development, and is a master’s level PCI® Certified Parent Coach. As well as coaching, Hannah teaches parenting workshops and has over 15 years of experience as an educator in a variety of settings.




Hannah Benedict