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Parenting in an Anxious World 

Our Flagship Class

We are raising kids in a time of great stress and fear leading to disconnection, chaos and anxiety that weaken our family.

Our mission is to help grow strong families. We will give you knowledge and action steps based on the latest research while providing connection with a safe community of like-minded parents to help you identify and address the social and emotional needs of yourself and your family.

Our online parenting class is designed to not only give you important knowledge but ways to apply this knowledge through video, personal reflection, and online discussion. 

Withdrawn and anxious child


“I would recommend it to any parent. There are so many pieces of it that are so valuable to anybody who is trying to walk through just life in general with kids. Understanding the brain more, the make-up of where kids are at and how they are developing, and what is causing certain reactions or outbursts, or what kids are doing especially right now when life is really stressful, and I just feel like we could all use a little extra support.” 

Melissa, ACT Parenting Community Member

Did you know that at least 30% of children experience anxiety that is severely impacting their lives?

Flexible and adaptable to your schedule, when you complete “Parenting in an Anxious World,” you will have more:

  • Knowledge on how the body and brain respond to stress and fear.
  • Understanding of the maladaptive response cycles that we can get stuck in.
  • Practical strategies for changing the cycle to a more adaptive response.
  • Ongoing connection with a community of parents and care-givers.

Anxious parent with hands on face